AJS is becoming People's Action! Tell us what you think

The Alliance for a Just Society is becoming People’s Action Institute. We’re coming together with National People’s Action and USAction Education Fund to create an even more powerful voice for communities across the country.

As People’s Action institute (and together with our partner organization, People's Action) we’re going to create a movement demanding justice and equality for everyone in the United States. Together with our partner, People’s Action, we’ll win higher wages and affordable education. We’ll root out predatory lenders and replace them with investment in communities. We’ll protect our climate while bringing good jobs to all.

That’s just for starters. Because we’re going to fight for nothing less than a society founded on economic, racial, and gender justice — a society for all of us, where the power is in our hands.

Play a role in this transition and let us know what kind of change you want to see in our country. Take this survey and help us become stronger and more powerful than ever.

Which are the most pressing issues facing your community, or the country as a whole?

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