Stop Abusive Debt Collection Tactics

Sign our petition to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray to urge the CFPB to write strong rules reining in abusive debt collection tactics.

Director Cordray –

Debt collection practices impact tens of millions of people across America, and records of consumer complaints suggest debt collectors routinely engage in unfair, deceptive and abusive practices to maximize their profits.

That’s why we need the CFPB to stand up for consumers and write strong rules that put a stop to abusive collection practices.

We know dark money groups with ties to Wall Street special interests are launching deceptive attacks on the CFPB. Don’t let these attacks intimidate you. It’s time to rein in abusive debt collection practices and we need strong leadership and a strong rule from the CFPB to do it.

 Click here to download the recent report "UNFAIR DECEPTIVE & ABUSIVE: Debt Collectors Profit from Aggressive Tactics"(PDF)

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