The Alliance for a Just Society’s mission is to execute regional and national campaigns and build strong state affiliate organizations and partnerships that address economic, racial, and social inequities.

The Alliance is a national network of 15 racial and economic justice organizations nationwide (see map) including The Center for Community Growth, The Center for Intercultural Organizing,  Connecticut Citizen Action Group, Idaho Community Action Network, Indian People’s Action (Montana), Maine People’s Alliance, Make the Road New York, Montana Organizing Project, OneAmerica, Oregon Action, Race Forward, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United) Virginia Organizing, Citizen Action of New York and Washington Community Action Network.

We are witnessing massive financial institution bailouts while our communities go without jobs or services, racist attacks on immigrants, unchecked corporate power, ongoing wars on two fronts, and the threat of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. It became clear to us as organizers and activists that to address the magnitude of issues we face, we needed a network—a network that is multifaceted, nimble, politically astute and, most importantly, unafraid.

While grassroots action remains the key strength of our movement, we also need the ability to do advocacy research, sophisticated media framing, political education, online advocacy, and beltway prodding. All of our organizations do many of these things, but because our main focus is on organizing, few of us have the resources to do all of them as well as we would like—and we certainly don’t have the ability to move forward in a coordinated fashion. In order to be successful in this new political environment, we need the ability to work together on the things we do well, and to work in concert with organizations that have expertise in the areas in which need to grow.

This is the core idea of the Alliance: to give grassroots organizations, research groups, media organizations and educators the ability to work together, each doing what we have the experience and expertise to do best. Our vision for the Alliance is a multifaceted national organization that includes grassroots and progressive organizations with particular expertise working together to address economic, racial, and social inequality.



Ensuring equal access to power and opportunity, supporting and defending the rights of all people, and eliminating discrimination and oppression.

  • We identify and address race, class and gender directly in the training and campaigns that the Alliance supports and runs.
  • The Alliance believes we are stronger if we have a diverse board.
  • In our decision making we strive to communicate and work together in a way that lets each voice be heard.


Standing up to power, speaking truth, challenging injustice, and acting with conviction, respect and integrity.

  • We foster honesty in our interactions with each other, through our partnerships and in the communities where we work.
  • Through our campaigns and training we create opportunities for people to speak their truth to power.


We believe that our power and effectiveness depend upon active participation and commitment.

  • Grassroots leaders build memberships that have the unity and power to create a just society.
  • Staff and leaders collaborate to push forward our vision and develop action plans for change.
  • Part of our responsibility is to share information, transfer skills and broaden the base of knowledge so that we can develop leaders to take action together and build a strong movement.


Hold those in power and ourselves accountable to our values, vision, and mission. We will uphold this value by working with transparency and inclusiveness.

  • We will hold corporations, government and our organizations accountable to make decisions in accord with our values and principles.
  • We hold ourselves financially accountable by using organizational resources to achieve the Alliance’s mission.
  • We strive to use our resources and power to build a just society.


To win justice, we must build unity by providing opportunities for diverse groups to come together, be heard, and take collective action. We believe that our strength comes from our unity, and that together we have the power to create a just society.

  • We strive to build an organizational culture where individuals and communities come together to act in unity for the greater good.
  • We work together and communicate in a way that builds our unity and strength.